You’ve successfully launched your online business—the website is up and running, you’ve got your social media pages created, and you’ve figured out that email auto-responder! Phew!

And now you’re onto marketing your product or service. But before you continue, you need to know the most important marketing piece. Ready?

The client testimonial, or as I like to call it, client love.

This one piece has been known to make or break many sales—that’s why it is a necessary component for any business. And it’s not just about having testimonials; it’s about having testimonials that effectively sell.

So having testimonials that are filled with the benefits of your product or service, and that convey your credibility and trustworthiness is crucial.

$$$ (2)

Did you know? ~ “The Internet has become the world’s greatest research tool, and consumers hardly buy anything anymore without first getting the skinny online. Some 70% of Americans say they consult product reviews or consumer ratings before making a purchase.” (Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

70%! Makes you wonder if your current client testimonials are having the right effect on potential clients, right?

Now, what can you do to ensure your client testimonials build your credibility, show your trustworthiness, and convey your product or service’s authenticity?

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